Art Talk Tuesday - Iconography


an image, subject, or style that is traditionally or popularly used to 
represent, symbolize, or associate meaning to another thing
a visual image used to represent a religious figure
symbolism associated with an image

A classic example of a contemporary icon. The iconography of love has long been associated with the heart. It's symbolism is recognized by most people.

It relates to cause and effect because the creation of an art image can become an icon with associated iconography without that being the intent of the artist but the effect nonetheless.


Mini-Monday Painting - Cause & Effect

I love to push the first domino and watch the series of each hitting the next and falling down. It's pretty predictable seeing how they are set up but not always. Sometimes we stack things up nice and close in our lives and wonder when one thing is whacked why everything else seems to fall as a result. Sometimes you can grab a domino out of the line further down the series and it stops the falling process.

This week's theme is Cause & Effect.

The 1 domino represents a couple and each successive domino things they choose in their lives. The last domino off to the right represents over time a growing family. It happens to show the 2 for my husband and I and the 9 for the 8 children we have and 1 son-in-law. The domino laying down shows inaction, inability and no risk. It's safe. It won't have the chance or opportunity to be knocked down. It also is blank to show emptiness, lack of growth, immoveable on the one hand and calm, stability, and rest on the other. The curvy pattern for the twists and turns in life.

3/30/09 I didn't want you to think that I dropped off the end of the earth so I am posting Mini-Monday even though I haven't finished it yet. It's about half way done. I have a couple of things to do tonight, like pick up my Mom from the airport, and I didn't know when I'd be able to post later. 

This week's painting inspired by having to shop for a car after the car accident.


Art Talk Tuesday - Happy Accident

[hap-ee  ak-si-duhnt]
the development between ability, action, and accident toward a delighted outcome

There isn't a definition that I found for the words painters use to describe the happening of a happy accident. I'll describe why I came up with my definition.

First, ability. There has to be some kind of ability or aptitude that the person is putting forth, some starting point for the process.
Second, action. It's in the doing that there is opportunity for discovery.
Third, accident. In the process there is some expectation from the deliberate ability and action. In the accident there is a misstep but isn't defined as a mistake because of the fortunate or lucky outcome.

In my research I think 'happy accident' is similar to the original meaning of serendipity, the 1557 definition, not today's definition.

Today's definition doesn't really take into account the sagacity of serendipity. Today serendipity is just a chance discovery with a chance event without any deliberate effort. Despite most artists possibly not being able to define it they definitely know it when they see and feel it. Though I can't remember a specific painting I know I have had it happen. 


Mini-Monday Painting - Accident

You'd think I'd do something like spring given the time of year. But, this week's theme is ACCIDENT, since my teenage daughter had a car accident Friday afternoon and our car is totaled. And the other car. So accidents have been on my mind a little this weekend. (She is fairly fine. Very sore.) We spent the afternoon in the hospital for tests. My other daughter, Alisha, flew in the night before to visit for the weekend so she was part of this adventure too. And that is who inspired today's Mini-Monday.

Alisha works in a state mental hospital and is familiar with difficult patients. Because of her aptitudes she is often asked to accompany patients to the hospital. She was in her element when she got in 'work' mode with her sister. It was different to see her in that way. But it's made me think of how helpful it is to have someone who can assist, aid and give relief during times of stress, like accidents.

The painting has folded metal to represent the metal of the car accident. It's a cup because I often think of people as vessels, things being put in and things going out with the ability to store for future use. Alisha is a no frills kinda gal. The X & O to represent the emotional and physical love and relief. Green because of the renewing affect that the aid generates. Not much of a vacation but it was a help and pleasure to have her here especially in response to the accident.

This week's painting inspired by Alisha.


Free-for-All Friday - New Nickname

Not a whole lot was coming to me for today. I mean, there were lots of ideas flowing but for Fridays the idea has to have some element of fun and out of the ordinary. That's why some of my ideas get axed. But here is one that is interesting and definitely I don't know where it will go. For today's Free-for-All Friday i'd like you to come up with new nicknames for me. Some of you know me well, some of you know me only from the blog. It doesn't matter where you know me from. I haven't had any new nicknames for a long time so this can be fun. I'm curious what will show up:)


Think about it Thursday - Your Nickname

I stayed up until 6 am last night/this morning, got 3 hours of sleep, then went to go pick up another daughter from the airport that is visiting this weekend. Then I slept an hour this afternoon. So it may be Thursday night for you but I think it's really only Thursday morning for me. 

Think about it Thursday is about your nickname. What sorts of nicknames do you have? And how did you get them? Or if you don't have one why is that? Do nicknames change us? 

I have a few nicknames. One my extended family and a few close friends call me - Shan, Shannie, or Shannie Wannie. Then there is one my Uncle Wayne gave me Tai Tai and pretty much he and my Aunt Les are the only ones who call me that. It came from some movie of a woman being very submissive and servant like. Hummm... so not like me, it was given more as a joke but it's one that has stayed. Another one. My middle name is 'Francine Kuu Iini'. When I was young I couldn't say KOO-OO I (the i like in ink) I-knee. So I would say 'Queenie' my shortened version. From that I've always had this underlying queen-thing going on. I had a couple of teen nicknames that weren't necessarily positive, though no one meant to be mean with them, and they never connected with me. 

Mashaide posted that she has several nicknames that she only likes her family to call her. I understand the feeling. I remember one time someone using one of my nicknames, who hadn't previously used it, and it startled me because it felt like an uninvited intrusion. But, then over a short time it became very natural. These nicknames make a special connection with me and the person using them. I think it's changed me in that I feel like I belong in a special place to someone else. That is a good feeling.


Why I like It Wednesday - Color Me Mine

I just realized I hadn't posted for today. That's what happens when playing catch-up, forgetting the day you're on. Well, I finally did remember and for Why I Like it Wednesday and nicknames I wanted to post this painting - 
and talk about a place that I really, really like. First, the nickname I use for my husband is Boyfriend. I don't know exactly when I started using that but it's been years. I won't go into all the reasons why I call him that because it's not part of this post but I painted this cup (that I painted in this painting, if that makes sense) for him at a place called Color Me Mine. It's a little creative shop that has bisque pieces that you can choose from then paint however you want. They fire them and you can pick it up a few days later. I am all about personalizing things, making them unique. And in this shop you can do that. You can make it all your own. I've done several pieces and have gone with friends and family members and you don't have to be an 'artist' or a 'painter' to express yourself a little. If you have one near go try it out, let the creative inner painter out. It's fun. That's why I like it.


Art Talk Tuesday - Signatures

The idea for an artist is to make the signature unique and recognizable without taking away from the image. There are as many different ways as there are people. Here's a sample of other artist's signatures -

 Christopher Thornock signs with an iconic T in a square

 Carol Maine uses 2 different signatures, her initial and her last name

 Otto Lange uses and O with a number above it and to the right, the number represents the year

 and I use my name  (mine's bigger not out of some psychological superiority thing but because I have access to larger file sizes than are available from other artists)

Everyone is unique and their signatures show it.

Mini-Monday Painting - Cupcake Jessie

oil 8"x8"

FINALLY! This is a first - Mini Monday on Tuesday. Truth be told I started exercising last week. And it's something that I'm not so fond of and takes me half the day to work myself up to do. So I have not been working my normal painting routine. I may have to change a few things here. But, for today here is the painting. It is inspired by my daughter Jessie. Her nickname, given to her by her great-grandmother is Cupcake. I don't even remember exactly why but that's it.

Most nicknames are given in affection, tenderness or some connection. It's a soft spot someone has for someone else. That's why the soft colored background of spots. The reflective foil surface is reflective because it mirrors the nicknamed's personality. The cupcake is served on a plate because we usually get 'served' nicknames from others. And the circle dragees because it is mostly an inner circle of people that use the nickname. (I actually meant to add a line on the inner edge of the plate to represent that too but forgot until this moment reading my notes - oh well) So, there you have it.

This week's painting inspired by Jessie & Gram


Theme for this Week - Nicknames

I was gone for the day and just got home a little while ago then spent some time with the family around the fire pit roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. Glad to take the time to do that but I am behind today on the mini monday. Though I know what I am going to do and I am excited to do it. I will probably post it tomorrow morning some time instead of tonight so look for it then. Sorry, about being late today. This weeks theme is NICKNAMES.


Free-for-All Friday - Eat Rejection Fortune Painting

Actually, there were 2 things that were a toss up to do for Free-for-All Friday. One was to take some of the paintings I consider 'rejects' and give them away today. But, I went through them and they were rejects in the extreme and I just couldn't bring myself to even give them away for free. So that idea worked in theory but not practice so they'll stay in the garage. The other idea which wasn't what I was leaning toward now looks a whole lot better.

When I came across the quote "Learn to eat rejection, it makes you stronger" I just kinda had a laugh and connected with it. I've been wanting to do a fortune cookie painting for myself but the fortune I was going to use didn't motivate me as much as this. I did this little painting a couple of days ago. So for today if you'd like a little 4" x  4" computer print out on canvas or paper (whichever one ends up looking best) then post a comment that you'd like one. This time I'll have to get $4 for package/shipping as these fun things can add up. Just mail it to me.

And thanks for the comments from yesterday I agree with them all, though I've really never tried the batting cages idea. I see the possibilities. 


Think about it Thursday - Rejection

Blue         oil          2004               approx   20" x  20"

For Think about it Thursday of course I have been thinking about rejection. It's something artist's definitely have to come to terms with in their profession. But I think almost everyone experience's rejection at some point in their lives. So, my question is how do you get over or move on from rejection in your life? What do you think? What do you do? 


Why I like It Wednesday - ASW & Creative Mark Brushes

Why I like it Wednesday goes along with the Rejection - Brush Off idea. It is the company and paint brushes I order from. I buy cheap paint brushes, (Creative Mark Pro-Stroke White Bristle Brushes) well, no paint brushes are cheap but I buy the least expensive ones. When painting I will sometimes get called away from my work doing something for the kids, home, or whatever. I will leave my paint brushes, thinking that I'll only be a minute, only to come back later or the next day to find that they have dried paint in them from when I left. GRRRR!! So I don't need expensive brushes to ruin, I can ruin the cheaper ones. Don't get me wrong they still are very serviceable and the filbert (flat with tapered edges) brushes are my favorite. ASW is an online company I order from with reasonable prices and a good selection. And I can order in the middle of the night. That's Why I Like It.


Art Talk Tuesday - Rejection

noun [ri-jek-shuhn]
to refuse to have, take, recognize, accept, grant, recognize, discard
to deny, repel, eliminate, renounce, consider, dismiss, rebuff

Here are some of the ways we artist's receive the news. 
From my personal "Rejection" file, thank you very much.

EX: "not accepted" on a postcard
EX: "the entry has been declined - we sincerely thank your for your submission"
EX: "we regret to inform you" hidden in a lengthy letter
EX: "we hope that creating your artwork was rewarding, regrettably..." followed by an invitation to see the works that made it in

Artist's have to figure out (as well as other's) how to deal with rejection and put it into perspective. Here are some good quotes to help in that direction. These apply to more than art.

There are more on the site.

Learn to eat rejection – it will make you stronger. 
(Bob Ragland)
[My new motto!!]

There is a large degree of trust in working creatively... people are so defined by their work, it becomes very personal: you reject an idea, you're rejecting a person. (Nina Sadowsky)

Rejection is a speck, like a bit of unwanted debris, imbedded like a pebble in our psyche, and it stays there niggling away and undermining our self-confidence until we feel strong enough to pull it out. (Janet Warrick)

How you react to rejection is important. It is not the rejection of others that truly affects us, the problem occurs when... that rejection by others causes us to "reject" ourselves. (Chris Tyrell)

We keep going back, stronger, not weaker, because we will not allow rejection to beat us down. It will only strengthen our resolve. To be successful there is no other way. (Earl G. Graves)

Rejection is the natural course of things. (Eric Walters)


Mini-Monday Painting - Brush Off

Brush Off                8" x  8"                 oil

For Mini-Monday's Painting I could have gone in all sorts of directions with the topic of REJECTION but I ended up with Brush Off a play on words. It is symbolic of being rejected from exhibitions - particularly 3 shows (hence the 3 paint brushes laying flat) that paintings of mine were rejected from last week. The paint brushes in the can are for shows that I do get into. Rejections and Acceptances are just intertwined in the process. The background is a palette representing the amount of work involved in finishing a painting. The used, chaotic paints on the palette are kinda like the feelings one has when being rejected or brushed off.

Inspired by the 3 Exhibitions that I didn't get into.


I am back at it today and will post my painting later. This weeks theme - REJECTION.



Well, I have taken the advice of The Perry Family from yesterday. I am officially taking the week off. (Taking the month off would be glorious but insane.) I am playing just a little too much with the husband home and making the time off 'official' I can really enjoy myself. So until next Mini-Monday have a good week. 


Mini-Monday Painting - Day Off

The husband got back after 5 weeks away and I just couldn't bring myself to work. Sorry, no painting today. Have a good evening.