Free-for-All Friday - New Nickname

Not a whole lot was coming to me for today. I mean, there were lots of ideas flowing but for Fridays the idea has to have some element of fun and out of the ordinary. That's why some of my ideas get axed. But here is one that is interesting and definitely I don't know where it will go. For today's Free-for-All Friday i'd like you to come up with new nicknames for me. Some of you know me well, some of you know me only from the blog. It doesn't matter where you know me from. I haven't had any new nicknames for a long time so this can be fun. I'm curious what will show up:)


Hansens said...

Has anyone ever called you
shenanigans? The definition of the word is the polar opposite of you, but the sound of the word is cute, just like Shannon.

she·nan·i·gan (shə-nān'ĭ-gən)
A deceitful trick; an underhanded act

Dacia said...

I'm the worst and the most uncreative when it comes to nick names. Darren is the master of that in our family. Matthew is pretty good at it too, but they don't tend to make any sense.

Funny thing, when I was having my nails done yesterday I found out that my friend HATES nicknames. She's adamant about it and does not want her daughter to have them. I guess I've never met anyone so strong on not using nick names. Interesting!

Tricia said...

Shannon -
I was raised to avoid nicknames, and all my siblings have. I am the only one without a nickname from Coy's Dad, who is the master at handing them out.

I was thinking about a name for you - Starlet came to mind from our STAR parties. You have a talent for making things happen around you - inspiring and creating as you go. You have a talent for leaving things better than you ever found them, too.

Hope that helps your quest!

Shannon Christensen said...

I didn't realize that there were people who have a no-go attitude with nicknames. Never even thought of that. Guess that's why it's good to get out there a little and see what others think. I have found that I know more men that make up nicknames than women. Of course not scientific at all. Thanks for the ideas.

Shenanigan made me laugh, and I might be like that more than I'd like to admit but hopefully not. And Starlet comes with such nice thoughts how can I not like that. Thanks.