Exhibition - Greenwich Workshop SmallWorksNA

I got into the Greenwich Workshop Small Works Exhibition 2008. Can I say that I am excited?
They have online voting so go and vote for me a million times. (I don't know if it's up and running yet or exactly how to do it, so keep going back to find out.)  http://www.smallworksna.com/

My painting is Passion. I regret that I didn't send in a better one (there's a lesson in that) but I am glad they accepted it anyway. The top 40 paintings will be part of Greenwich's Small Works 2008 Collection. I'm pretty sure that means that they make prints of the painting available to the public and send it out in their mag all over the place. See how good that could be? But, I don't honestly expect to be included in that group, they have great artists that compete, I am just thrilled to be included in the exhibition. Yipeeeeee!!!!!

Painting - Double Portrait: Diana & Madeline

Painting done a little while ago. Double Portrait: Diana & Madeline oil 16" x 20" on canvas. I don't much like canvas but every once in a while I try it again to see if I've changed my mind about it. I haven't. I still like  board better. It's not a professional photo so it's a little dark but not too off. Many people who have seen this like it, her contentment, even though some might think it's too sentimental. I think there is room in life for sentimentality. Posted this mostly so Diana could see it if she stops by.

Painting - I Like Red

Finished painting of Barry. I think I'm calling it I like red because I like the red shirt and I happen to like red. Obviously not a professional photo but I'll get that later. It's 30" x 40" oil.



Kim wanted to see the family so here is everyone but Logan. Aug 2008  Leila, Bob and Alisha came to visit. It was totally fun to have them here.

Painting in progress

Another painting in progress. Part of the Hope series I am working on. I know this isn't much but remember I am working on consistency, that's all, and I haven't been very consistent. Maybe I'll post something interesting next week. 


Magazine Western Art Collector

I had an interview with Michelle over at
Western Art Collector  magazine today. She was very easy to talk to and work with. She's putting together an article of my artwork for the November issue. I'm excited about this opportunity. It was part of a prize I won from the juried Greenhouse Gallery's Salon International.  I didn't know that a feature article was part of the award. But, lucky me. Here is a copy of this month's mag. Watch for November's .

Painting - Willeto Honor

Ha! You doubing Mufasas. I have posted a second day. It was a good plan on my part to have a plan for a second post. One point for consistency. This is the one of the paintings of John Willeto. 


Painting in Progress

Ok, this is kinda fun! It's like having a new toy - can't quit playing. On the easel today. This is my last post today. Promise.

happy birthday to me

Do we do everything in the studio? 

No, that is NOT a bonfire, it is my cake, thank you very much. It takes awhile to be able to put that many candles on your birthday cake. And there are my kiddos celebrating with me.


How's this - my second blog. But it doesn't count toward commitment because it's in the same sitting. Almost done with the studio. It is  bigger than my last one, better laid out too. I love it.

First day

This is the first day of my blog. Let's see what kind of commitment I have. This is an 8 x 8 drawing for a painting I just finished. I'm making myself post the drawing first so I can make myself post (the painting) on the blog again. Wish me consistency.