Painting - Double Portrait: Diana & Madeline

Painting done a little while ago. Double Portrait: Diana & Madeline oil 16" x 20" on canvas. I don't much like canvas but every once in a while I try it again to see if I've changed my mind about it. I haven't. I still like  board better. It's not a professional photo so it's a little dark but not too off. Many people who have seen this like it, her contentment, even though some might think it's too sentimental. I think there is room in life for sentimentality. Posted this mostly so Diana could see it if she stops by.


Diana said...

I love it!!! love it!! love it!!! Thank you so much for painting and posting!!!

Diana said...

oh and yes, I did sign a model release form. ;)

shannon said...

Glad you like it Diana. Just had another gal stop by yesterday and saw it and she really liked it too. For some reason that's one of the first ones that people are drawn to when they stop by. Like I said if/when I get prints I'll send you one. Thanks for being the 'model'.