Exhibition - Greenwich Workshop SmallWorksNA

I got into the Greenwich Workshop Small Works Exhibition 2008. Can I say that I am excited?
They have online voting so go and vote for me a million times. (I don't know if it's up and running yet or exactly how to do it, so keep going back to find out.)  http://www.smallworksna.com/

My painting is Passion. I regret that I didn't send in a better one (there's a lesson in that) but I am glad they accepted it anyway. The top 40 paintings will be part of Greenwich's Small Works 2008 Collection. I'm pretty sure that means that they make prints of the painting available to the public and send it out in their mag all over the place. See how good that could be? But, I don't honestly expect to be included in that group, they have great artists that compete, I am just thrilled to be included in the exhibition. Yipeeeeee!!!!!


Leila said...

I can't find any link to see your painting or vote yet. Email me (or post something) when it's working, and I'll get lots of people to vote for you :)

shannon said...

Sorry, I don't know how it works really. I think you have to sign up as a collector on the site. I haven't done it so I don't know how it works. I was going to have gramma do it so that we could see. If you sign up tell me.

Anonymous said...

oh congratulaaaations!

The Perry Family said...

I'm so happy you have a blog!!! Your painting, Passion, thought it was a photo when the page came up, it's beautiful! Congrats on the Greenwich workshop!! Your studio...I'm so jealous, but love it!! And last but not least, we get to move close to you, well 3-4 hours close!!!!

shannon said...

Really? You are moving closer?! Where? I am excited about that. 3-4 hours is nothing. We go 30+ miles to church twice a week, 40+ to go to anything bigger than wal-mart. I am going to have to go to the family site and find out.