Small Paintings @ The Great Frame Up in Parkville MO

Here are some of the small 8" x 8" paintings that are for sale at THE GREAT FRAME UP in Parkville, Missouri. Thanks to Eric, Jason, and Randi. They're great people.

The Great Frame Up #591
6325 Lewis St. Suite 115
Parkville, Mo. 64152


Reminder - My Studio & Me on Rate My Space

As I've posted before Dan came and did the filming for the Rate My Space showing starting Angelo in January. We've known for months that it was going to view in May. Well, it's airing TONIGHT. Guess who just almost went to the movies? Yes, moi. How lame is that? Hadn't thought about it all day. Still don't know how I remembered, it just popped into my head. Lucky. I figured if I forgot that you might have forgotten - so this is a reminder if you were going to watch it. It's 7:00 Missouri time.


Why I Like It - iPhone

This has been a very busy week. But, I had to post my new 'why I like it'. My new iPhone. I know people already know this but it is very cool. The guy, Josh (above left), at the Liberty, Mo AT&T store was GREAT in helping us (my daughter got one too). I would highly recommend asking for Josh S. when you go in. All I have to say is... iPhone - that's why I like it.


Print of Fortune Cookie Painting in Hillary's Kitchen

It was totally fun to get this photo in my email tonight. Hillary sent it to me of the print from one of the fortune cookies that I painted. A little while ago she responded to one of my posts and I mailed it to her. Just wanted to share and say thanks to Hill for taking the time to do that.