Painting - Nauvoo Sunstone

Here is a painting that I did this week. It's just about finished. Should have done a video but I didn't know how fast it would go. But I did take a few photos during the process. I like painting stone and I love this perspective.

Nauvoo Sunstone oil 16" x 19"


Art Exhibition - Types and Shadows

Since my genre for painting is allegory, metaphor, and symbolism I was interested in this Exhibition - Types and Shadows: Intimations of Divinity. I can't go see it since it's in Utah but I looked it up online. Brigham Young University Museum of Art has an added bonus of artist's podcasts. I enjoyed listening to what the artists had to say (very short sound bits) about their own paintings. For you art enthusiasts I have included the links to the site and podcasts. Ideally, listening to the audio while looking at the artwork aids in understanding what the artist is talking about. Consider it your art edification for the day.

Click here for Artist's audio podcasts of their artwork in this exhibition

I particularly like David Linn, Christopher Young, Wilson Ong, and Brian Kershisnik's audio. I've included links to their professional websites.

David Linn, ...And Then I Looked..., 2005 17.5" x 24.94"

Wilson Ong The Daughter of Jairus, 1996 41" x 34"