News- HGTV's Rate My Space Episode to Air Soon

One of my posts a couple of months ago was about being filmed for HGTV's Rate My Space. The show is coming up soon. It is May 8, 2009, at least that's what is posted today. A couple of weeks ago it was going to air on May 6 so I am not sure if there will be a change or not closer to the time it airs. In any case you can check for yourself looking for HRMR - 306 in their Episode Guide. 

Since I am not a main player in this show and I have no idea what they will include from all the filming Dan did I might only be on for 3 seconds so you'll have to watch closely or you'll probably miss me. The show will feature part of my studio as an inspiration space for some other folks. Here's hoping that they found some good clips to use. 


Video - First Attempt, Oil Painting Jared

This is my first (successful) attempt ever of making a video and uploading it. I am doing a small one here and one on YouTube 

The quality gets better as it goes along. Well, maybe.

Oil Painting Jared 8" x 10" hope you like it.


Free-for-All Friday - Forever, Marriage Metaphor

This is a painting I did a while ago. It is a metaphor on marriage. Obviously the wedding rings represent marriage. Putting 'marriage' on a pedestal shows high regard for it. A pedestal is a support or foundation of which marriage is that for a vigorous, productive society. Classical column design suggests the highest quality and antiquity. A polished river stone to show that over time imperfections are smoothed out by the course of 2 people learning to live together. It also stands for marriage as the basis for the construction of bigger things, one being a family. As well as a marriage can become 'rock solid'. Forever is etched deeply to show the commitment that is takes for a successful marriage and that it can last eternally. Some of the meanings of my marriage metaphor. 

If you see more or something completely different do share.


Think about it Thursday - Reasons for Marriage

Think about it Thursday is about marriage. A painting series I am doing is an Allegory on Alliance - Marriage & Meaning. So I am curious, what are the reasons for marriage in your mind? Why marry? What is essential in a marriage? Think about it.


Why I Like It Wednesday - Princess Bride

This week I have been spending a lot of time thinking about marriage. (For a future series of paintings) On Why I like It Wednesday I am posting one of my husband and my favorite movies - Princess Bride. What does it have to do with marriage?

Well, the movie is such a favorite that I had one of the quotes made for the wall of our bedroom.   
True love, you think this happens everyday

Princess Bride, True Love, and My Marriage. That's why I like it.


Blog Content

Well, I waited for more comments on the blog content and didn't get many. Well, one, thanks Tricia. So I talked to a few people about what they liked and didn't. And all of the stuff others liked or I liked. I thought I was going to pare topics down. Instead I will do the same topics just not every week but a couple of the things each week. Also, Monday is not my best get it going day so I won't do Mondays. Seems like a no-brainer but it did take me awhile to come to terms with that one. I like the art collaboration with the blog family so I want to continue that with you. It is the best. Thanks for checking in.


Free-for-All Friday - Pulling out a Domino

It's cause and effect week and I have been thinking. There have been several things that have caused my schedule, if I really have one, to not be on schedule. So I am pulling a domino, so to speak, so I can take a look at things. Besides the several things that have come up I have a couple of things that are coming up. I don't want to get my dominoes too tightly packed. So I am evaluating several things, one of them being my blog. 

I have my own ideas about my blog but I already know those. So, I am looking for your opinions about it. What's good about it? Not so good? Are some posts pointless? Any ideas about it at all? As always I like the comments and insights given here. (Like when you gave ideas about my website, which I haven't been able to figure out yet exactly what to do to make the changes.) So feel free to share it will have some effect I am sure. 


Why I like It Wednesday - Pop Up Books

Pop Up Books are my why I like it today. I think the tie in is obvious - paper, glue, scissors, imagination = pop ups and opening the book causes the pop up to well, pop up. Cause and effect.

Robert Sabuda is a master at the pop up book. I visited his studio in NY in 2004 and listened to him talk about his pop up books and passion for them. I need not say anymore after you see one of his books.

And here is another book I got that has some how-to info on making pop up books. How-to books are cause and effect type books in and of themselves. I loved making the few little pop ups that I have with the help of this book by David A. Carter and James Diaz.

Looking at these books and playing with the pages it's easy to see that, that's why I like it.