Free-for-All Friday - Pulling out a Domino

It's cause and effect week and I have been thinking. There have been several things that have caused my schedule, if I really have one, to not be on schedule. So I am pulling a domino, so to speak, so I can take a look at things. Besides the several things that have come up I have a couple of things that are coming up. I don't want to get my dominoes too tightly packed. So I am evaluating several things, one of them being my blog. 

I have my own ideas about my blog but I already know those. So, I am looking for your opinions about it. What's good about it? Not so good? Are some posts pointless? Any ideas about it at all? As always I like the comments and insights given here. (Like when you gave ideas about my website, which I haven't been able to figure out yet exactly what to do to make the changes.) So feel free to share it will have some effect I am sure. 


Tricia said...

s=Shannon - what I like most about your website is a sense of being connected to you and your world. You have a way of questioning and thinking that stimulates creativity in others like me. It helps me feel like there are not several states separating us; closing the distance. You educate, inform, inspire. That is why I like it.

So - in pulling a domino out, you are realizing the time you have to give to the blog and how it can be used in other ways. The real question is did the blog fill a creative need that you miss? I hope so.

Shannon Christensen said...

Thanks Tricia for sharing your thoughts. And this does fill some needs. I like connecting with "non" artists as well as artists. BTW glad you got through your crazy Sunday a few weeks ago.

Wade said...

Your Website is great!:)

The Perry Family said...

I like your blog the way it is. It seems you have evaluated the purpose of your blog and accomplish the objective. I'm just sorry if I don't get on the computer/blogs for a day or a few days, then I miss so much.

I wish you had another one about your family/everyday life too. But really, one blog is hard enough to do.

Shannon Christensen said...

The kids have been pestering, oh, I mean, motivating me to start a family one. We are planning to do that. Thanks for all your support for my blog.