Think about it Thursday - Reasons for Marriage

Think about it Thursday is about marriage. A painting series I am doing is an Allegory on Alliance - Marriage & Meaning. So I am curious, what are the reasons for marriage in your mind? Why marry? What is essential in a marriage? Think about it.


Dacia said...

Why marry?

So we can be challenged like nothing else can challenge us! No, really, it's so we can experience joy like no other! (There is that opposites in all things, right?) So we can have a relationship with that one person that we can't have with anyone else. I feel very strongly about marriage and no other relationship can compare!!

Anonymous said...

From heavenly to earthly, marriage is the one universe where all expressions are confessed.

Tricia said...

Marriage is the part of the plan that brings us closer and refines our character the most. Add in children, and you have the recipe for joy and happiness as well as anguish and trials. But - learning always results.

I know my life has improved immeasurably since my marriage. Family is what really matters when all is said and done.