Think about it Thursday - Your Nickname

I stayed up until 6 am last night/this morning, got 3 hours of sleep, then went to go pick up another daughter from the airport that is visiting this weekend. Then I slept an hour this afternoon. So it may be Thursday night for you but I think it's really only Thursday morning for me. 

Think about it Thursday is about your nickname. What sorts of nicknames do you have? And how did you get them? Or if you don't have one why is that? Do nicknames change us? 

I have a few nicknames. One my extended family and a few close friends call me - Shan, Shannie, or Shannie Wannie. Then there is one my Uncle Wayne gave me Tai Tai and pretty much he and my Aunt Les are the only ones who call me that. It came from some movie of a woman being very submissive and servant like. Hummm... so not like me, it was given more as a joke but it's one that has stayed. Another one. My middle name is 'Francine Kuu Iini'. When I was young I couldn't say KOO-OO I (the i like in ink) I-knee. So I would say 'Queenie' my shortened version. From that I've always had this underlying queen-thing going on. I had a couple of teen nicknames that weren't necessarily positive, though no one meant to be mean with them, and they never connected with me. 

Mashaide posted that she has several nicknames that she only likes her family to call her. I understand the feeling. I remember one time someone using one of my nicknames, who hadn't previously used it, and it startled me because it felt like an uninvited intrusion. But, then over a short time it became very natural. These nicknames make a special connection with me and the person using them. I think it's changed me in that I feel like I belong in a special place to someone else. That is a good feeling.


Mashaide said...

My Grama Cerda is the only one that calls me Shaidey my lady. Darren gave me the nick name Shaz. This is one of the names I don't like any one but my family calling me. Lisa calls me myShaidey or just Shaidey. Friends and family here in Idaho call me Shaide. I had nicknames like Tyson, She-ra, and Squeaky in high school. Tyson and She-ra for obvious reasons. Squeaky was actually in middle school. That was for my voice. I know I had a few others but these are the ones that have stuck with me.

Shannon Christensen said...

Totally fun names. I can see a gramma making up 'shaidey my lady', sounds gramma-makes-it-up-ish.

Dacia said...

I had a few too, but the one's I remembered are MaDash (since dad always got mine and shaz mixed up), but I always hated it because it was for that reason I got it. I am usually called Dash (pronounced Daush) by my family. Matthew's brother came up with Squash and his family calls me some version of squash, squasha, etc. Mostly my family are the only ones who use my nick names. Not much you can do with Dacia. I do remember some in school that I did not like and who knows why kids feel the need to ruin every name!