Mini-Monday Painting - Accident

You'd think I'd do something like spring given the time of year. But, this week's theme is ACCIDENT, since my teenage daughter had a car accident Friday afternoon and our car is totaled. And the other car. So accidents have been on my mind a little this weekend. (She is fairly fine. Very sore.) We spent the afternoon in the hospital for tests. My other daughter, Alisha, flew in the night before to visit for the weekend so she was part of this adventure too. And that is who inspired today's Mini-Monday.

Alisha works in a state mental hospital and is familiar with difficult patients. Because of her aptitudes she is often asked to accompany patients to the hospital. She was in her element when she got in 'work' mode with her sister. It was different to see her in that way. But it's made me think of how helpful it is to have someone who can assist, aid and give relief during times of stress, like accidents.

The painting has folded metal to represent the metal of the car accident. It's a cup because I often think of people as vessels, things being put in and things going out with the ability to store for future use. Alisha is a no frills kinda gal. The X & O to represent the emotional and physical love and relief. Green because of the renewing affect that the aid generates. Not much of a vacation but it was a help and pleasure to have her here especially in response to the accident.

This week's painting inspired by Alisha.


saketh said...

painting from inspiration!!
great work

Tricia said...

I have some experience with the unexpected! Even with training and experience, there is recovery time for the 'rescuer'. You may not have the bruises and sore spots - but there are the pictures in your mind, the feelings, and the wanting to do more than you can. We had an event in Primary yesterday. We sent a teacher to the hospital via ambulance. Check your email for details... Thank goodness the other leaders had the presence of mind to get the kids out of the room! Whew!
Life can be filled with those unexpected moments when you realize that somehow the right people were on hand. It all comes down to tender mercies, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

way to go tricia!! and yay! thanks madre :)

The Perry Family said...

I'm glad Jess is good! I guess you can disregard the message on facebook...trying to get caught up on the blog.
I'm liking, again, the symbolism. You are great with that!
Oh, and Alisha, good happy accident that you were there.