Mini-Monday Painting - Cupcake Jessie

oil 8"x8"

FINALLY! This is a first - Mini Monday on Tuesday. Truth be told I started exercising last week. And it's something that I'm not so fond of and takes me half the day to work myself up to do. So I have not been working my normal painting routine. I may have to change a few things here. But, for today here is the painting. It is inspired by my daughter Jessie. Her nickname, given to her by her great-grandmother is Cupcake. I don't even remember exactly why but that's it.

Most nicknames are given in affection, tenderness or some connection. It's a soft spot someone has for someone else. That's why the soft colored background of spots. The reflective foil surface is reflective because it mirrors the nicknamed's personality. The cupcake is served on a plate because we usually get 'served' nicknames from others. And the circle dragees because it is mostly an inner circle of people that use the nickname. (I actually meant to add a line on the inner edge of the plate to represent that too but forgot until this moment reading my notes - oh well) So, there you have it.

This week's painting inspired by Jessie & Gram


Dacia said...

that's a cute cupcake and a cute nickname! Looks yummy!

Anonymous said...


MomAtHome said...

This is so cute. I love it.

Mashaide said...

I love the nicknames my family has for me. And it's funny because I don't like anyone else calling me by them except for my family. Is that weird?