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Well, I hope no one was expecting a masterpiece. It's not. But, it is exactly what I hoped for - to record insights and image making. Mine. To celebrate me and my life. I don't think I've recorded some of those thoughts ever. It was so simple. Having this blog helped me do it. Thank you.

Here's how I did it.
  1. Took a green stamp pad and rubbed all over the page.
  2. Took a dirty paint brush (it had sparkles in it) and rubbed water all over it.
  3. Sprayed a different color green dye in places.
  4. Let that dry. The page curled a bit but I could straighten it out.
  5. Printed my font.
  6. Used a light table to trace the lettering. See here.
  7. Freehand drew the ribbons as I went.
  8. Wrote text.
  9. Colored in ribbons with crayola markers.
  10. Added the date.
Are you going to share? Over here at Shannon's Studio on Facebook. Post your journal page.

Oh!! I'm not going to wait until Monday to post the new inspiration word, introspection, and image making ideas. I'll post it at 5:00 tonight. I figured it would be nicer to have the weekend to work on it. We'll post again next Friday.

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