Art Journaling Tip- 5 Step Lettering

Since our art journaling inspiration is our names, we will be putting names to pages this week and I know that can be a little intimidating.

Some of us are perfectionists. And when it comes to penmanship it's no different, maybe even intensified. I've worked with women who refuse, yes refuse, to attempt hand lettering. They hate their writing and they can't get past it. I don't always agree with them but that frustration hinders the creative spirit.

When it comes to lettering, I'm in both camps, but it depends on the day. If you're one who's stopped by the idea of your own writing not being enough then I have a tip for you.

This will help with letter loathing. It's a light box done a couple of different ways.

1) Design what you want to say, in the font you want to say it, in the size you want.
2) Print it off on a thin (lower number pound) paper. It will let more light through.
3) Place the journal page that you are going to draw on over the top of your printed page.
4) Hold it up to a window (left photo) or over a light box (right photo).
5) Trace.

All of a sudden lettering isn't so labored.
Good luck on the image-making and introspection into what your hands mean to you.
See you Friday.


Malena said...

This is so smart! I wish I had done this before!

Studio Gal Shannon said...

Malena did you do a page already? Or are you talking previous projects? I haven't finished my page yet but I am working on it.

Malena said...

I have this quote book that I was frustrated with because I couldn't free-hand the font that I wanted so I used a cricket instead and just settled for the font that my mom had available. I'm excited to see your finished product.