Celebrate Me • Art Journaling • Week #1 My Name • Begin Now!

Celebrate Me! Art Journaling • Week #1 My Name

This weekend was about getting your BOOK • BOX • BELONGINGS. (If not, read this post.)
Since this is the first day, I'll let you know how we'll proceed. You won't have to go this alone.

Every Monday will be Q & A, as in QUESTIONS & APPLICATIONS Monday. Questions for introspection and application ideas to help with image making. There will also be a word, phrase, or quote meant to inspire the whole thought process. Use any or all of the ideas.

a single focus word (or maybe a phrase)

questions to explore your thoughts and life

applications to experiment with

There's a few ways to go about this.

1) Do the images first and think about the inspiration word. Then record your most important thoughts around or on top of the images.
2) Or, write your thoughts and let images come to your mind and recreate you mental images after you've recorded your ideas.
3) Or, a combination of back and forth with words and images. Images and words.

Anyway works.

One last thought. Don't stress yourself over the image making. This might be the most uncomfortable process. If at first you're nervous, look at other's art journals for inspiration. Mimic their layout. Use their color palette. Incorporate their use of text. It will get easier and you'll become more uniquely expressive as time goes on. Don't worry. Start somewhere. Just begin.



Q. Who inspired my name most?
Q. What other name were my parents considering?
Q. Have I always liked my name?
Q. Does my name have any significant meaning?
Q. Do I have any memories related to my name?

A. Create a background of markers and ink stamp your name over the top
A. Put the title "Celebrate Me" along with your name and text
A. Take a photo of yourself, glue it into your book & repeatedly write your name over the top of it
A. Do an ink character self portrait and use watercolors or pastels to add color & add your name
A. Print name in a font you love, put your page over the top of it, use a light table and trace

For the next few weeks, I'll add other people's images to get your imagination going as well. This will hopefully give you ideas and ease you into making your own images.
REMEMBER, this is about you, for you, to celebrate you.

Candice Windham
JK Bees
Cafepress Primitive

Ohhhhhhhh! I almost forgot.
On Friday morning, everyone can upload a photo of their celebrate me • art journal page on Shannon's Studio Facebook page. You can't not share with us.
It's not a critique of your expressions, it's a celebration of each of us. Let go. Do it. Friday.

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