Celebrate Me • Art Journaling • How Do I Begin?

Let the Celebrate Me Art Journaling Journey begin!

Art Journal Short Definition:
introspection and images in a book

Art Journal Long Definition:
a personal point of view which can include
wishes, wonders, wisdom, workings, warnings, war-ings, and worthwhile times,
recorded in the form of doodles, drawings, designs or dressed up words and images
all bound in a book

So, those are the definitions that I've come up with. That way we are thinking the same things when we're talking. There are tons of art journaling sites on the net. A lot of them are just about image making. Which is nice. But, I happen to think pictures and text are a powerful combination. Then, when you add a person's life into the mix, it becomes extraordinary. It's the personal point of view that is the intriguing part, seeing the person and what they're about.

Journaling is something we usually do as kids. I have several diaries from back then. I've always thought is was important to keep a record of life but life got busy and my entries sporadic. I've missed some memories that are important to me. We can't be all things, to all people, all the time. So, I'm not going to beat myself up about missing some of the past. But, that doesn't mean I can't record some of the present or thoughts on things now.

Our art journaling will focus on finding out more about you (say, "me".) It's about celebrating. Celebrating your (say, "my") life - past, present and future. It's record-keeping with images. And you don't have to be an artist to do it but if you're worried, I'll share ideas to bring out your creative side. Because it's a little intimidating here's what you'll need to get started.

It can be anything. If you are going to be using wet medium (watercolor, acrylic, glue, etc.) then you'll want a book with thicker pages. A craft store will have a good selection with the cost being from $5 - $15. I'd go ahead and invest so that you can experiment and not worry.

Not everyone has the space to have a studio, but you don't need one. Just get a box so that you can put all of your stuff in one place. It's ready when you're ready.

Gather up all your art belongings into the box.
Markers, pens, colored pencils, watercolors, white out, glue, small blow dryer, tape, ruler -
things like that.


Get the stuff this weekend. This weekend. Then we'll get started. Monday. Every Monday.

I started a Facebook Page just for Art Journaling and sharing pages. Like it here.

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