Art Talk Tuesday - Surrealism

Salvador Dali                               Persistence of Memory
I'm not much into Surrealism because I can never figure out what they're trying to say. Obviously, the artist is trying to convey something because of the way things are juxtapositioned. It's almost like talking with someone in a foreign language or reading a foreign language and becoming frustrated because there is no real communication. There is something lost. And Dali may have left enough text behind to explain some of his work but it is not available to most of us unless we research it. So, we are left with the image and title of the painting. 

That is why I try and make my images something that can stand alone without text. I add meaning to enhance the painting but if that is lost I want a viewer to be able to still enjoy it on it's own merits.

This is a different direction than I am thinking this week for 'dreams' but this is the closest (subconscious mind) to dreams I could think of. Enjoy your day and the art talk.

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Mashaide said...

That is exactly how I feel about Surrealism too. It's frustrating for me to try to figure out what the artist is trying to say. I don't want to look at art and feel frustrated. I want to look at it and say it's beautiful or something in it speaks to me. Surrealism is so out there.