Why I like It Wednesday - Sephora

Art is about the visual. And I would say Sephora is about the visual of the face. Okay, it's all about makeup, that kind of visual. I wanted to try some new makeup so one of my daughters suggested Sephora. We went to the new one in Kansas City at Zona Rosa. As visual as I am, I am not so much into the makeup thing, I like it, I just don't know that much about it. So, that is where Stephanie comes in. She's a make-up artist (see I told you this was visual) and consultant. Long story summarized Stephanie is excellent at what she does. So you might wonder what this has to do with dreams, well, as we talked Stephanie shared one of her dreams. I was excited to hear her goal and judging from her confidence, determination and great people skills I think she will succeed. I highly recommend her. And I got some great makeup. That's why I Like it.


Hansens said...

I want before and after photos!

Shannon Christensen said...

Wish I were that motivated to do it. Maybe at some point I'll get to it.