Mini-Monday Painting Dreams

Dreams            8" x 8"      oil    

This weeks theme is DREAMS. For Mini-Monday it's a symbolic painting representing dreams. The swirling pattern on the heart is for the swirling of emotions that - as in wishes, aspirations, wild fancies, or hopes - often whirl through us as we dream (like-can I? I can, maybe not, why not?, this is dumb, no one does this, not me,...). A heart for the personal nature of our dreams. How close to us that they are. Things we don't want to tell others. Or that when we do tell others that we know our dream will be safe with them. It's hanging in the open because we expose our vulnerability when other's know our dreams and when we fail or we succeed. Dreams show what we think about ourselves or the world around us. It hangs by a ribbon because of the circumstances that dreams hang on. Sometimes by a thread but at other times it seems like a gift. I chose the ribbon for the gift side of it.

Inspired by my daughter, Leila, who is visiting, and her dreams many of which she has accomplished and the one's in the future.


Leila said...

The painting is great and I like the symbolism. :)

The Perry Family said...

love the symbolism!

Mashaide said...

Creative. It's nice to hear what the paintings mean to you the artist and how everything ties together.