Why I Like It Wednesday - Gary Vaynerchuk, The Wine Guy

I was reading an article about marketing that had a link to this guy, Gary Vay-ner-chuk.  I went to his site and watched his vid on wine tasting - for 12 minutes. 12 minutes! I don't even drink wine. Or anything else he'd sell. Yet I watched for 12 minutes. Amazing. I was caught up in his passion for what he was doing. His wine site linked to his biz site. Now that's something I can get into. And I have and love his videos and inspiration. 

It has nothing to do with art. But, there is tons that he talks about that I have applied to my art biz life. After viewing several of his vids in a row I got out my pen and paper and just kept writing idea after idea I had on things I could do. Here is some of what he's about...

1. He's a little hyped but it works for him because that is him. He talks about being authentic, always.

2. He has short tidbits of info on video. Nothing you have to buy. Just sharing some brain power.

3. He has enthusiasm for ideas. Ideas, ideas, ideas. 

4. He has some great wine spots. Even being a non-drinker I like them. Liked the eating dirt part on Ellen.

Funny, a studio gal subscribes to a wine guy's site. But, what he does helps me, it might for you too. That's why I like it.

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GlassJaw said...

I have not had a drink in over a year, that being said. Most wines unless made into spritzer I find hard to drink without wincing. I have found one that I do enjoy more than the others, Martin & Weyrich’s Moscato Allegro. I know the WOW says not to drink wine; it's a true shame as this is a lovely wine.