Think About It Thursday - What's Your Passion?

Think About It Thursday is a Question - What is your passion? Not the kissy, kissy kind. (Though that's loads of fun!) But the kind that makes you want to hurry up with other things so that you can get to it. And when you are working on it, it doesn't feel like work at all. You are excited. You have ideas. You loose track of time. You're in some enlightened zone somewhere. That kind of passion. Where you'd do whatever it is just for the sake of doing it.

Mine is to be creative. I HAVE TO BE CREATIVE. I loose sleep being creative. I forget to eat needing to be creative. I forget I have time commitments in the midst of being creative. I love when my day (and long nights) when they revolve around being creative. I can't not be creative. I've done so many things over the years just to get that creative fix. I love the rush. Did I mention my passion is being creative? Yeah, I'm a little bit of a junkie.

What's your passion? Think about it.


Mashaide said...

Can you have more than one passion? There are so many things I love doing. Sadly, sometimes work is my passion. (Thanks Dad) That's sarcastic. Because who in the world loves to work?! Another one of my passions is creating things on my own. It doesn't matter if it's putting a desk togehter, painting my house, shampooing my carpets, sewing...just the fact that I did it all by myself gives me such satisfaction. Is that a passion? My step-daughter, Alia, calls me OCD. That's because I have to have everything organized. I love to organize anything. Even my clothes in my closet are color coordinated and separated by function. Yes, I did my husband's clothes to but it doesn't always stay that way. Our movies are all in accessible album books in alphabetical order. It just makes sense to me and easier to find things. I know, I know, the other word my step-daughter uses for me is anal. Sheesh.

GlassJaw said...

I would say my passion is oral debate. I like to make a case of a topic, by having informed debates between parties. This helps open my mind to the different view points others may share. Doing this allows me to better understand the possible emotional meanings that I have overlooked. Most individuals are non-confrontational and view this as arguing. Those individuals that are not afraid of confrontation in general will begin the debate in hopes of changing the other person’s views. Yet once they see their own views have been challenged quickly become unreasonable and the debate breaks down. I on the other hand do not want to chance your views, I simply like the people involved gaining an understanding of why I or the others may feel the way they do. Even if I may not agree with their feelings or theories I would still have the understanding of why they feel this way.

The Perry Family said...

I am right there with you, and Mashaide, and I'm sure whenever Dacia posts a comment, it'll be the same thing! I have this need to be creative and to be organized. Those are both my passions. And my husband, rahr... okay, I know, not that kind of passion. I just couldn't resist.

I too loose sleep thinking about different ideas and I create all sorts of things in my mind that never go anywhere, but it at least appeases my mind when I don't have the time or means to create those things.
I could go on, however some of my little "creations" are demanding attention!