Art Talk Tuesday - Studios

STUDIO [stoo-dee-oh]

the workroom of an artist, aka an atelier  [Fr. atuh-lyey]
a place for instruction or experimentation

I am surprised at how pics of my studio seem to inspire so many people. My studio was posted on Addicted to Decorating by Kristi. I mentioned before that it was posted on HGTV Rate My Space as well. (more news on that Friday) With the comments of others I have come to the conclusion that most people need some kind of space to do what inspires them. To be creative. Usually we just think of artisans when we think creative but creativity isn't limited to artists. Everyone needs some kind of 'studio'. Whether it ends up being a suitcase, study, shop, or studio the space isn't as important as the activity that's associated with it. Sometimes we forget that. I haven't always had a studio but I've always looked for ways to be creative in my life. And I think I love my studio more because I haven't always had a space like this. Figure out what kind of little space you can carve out for yourself and let yourself be inspired. 

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