Mini-Monday Painting - Hershey Kiss

1/29/09 Updated - This is closer to the actual color of the painting. The one below is taken in artificial (warm yellow cast) light. The one above in natural (cool blue cast) north light, which is what I like to paint by.

It's 11:26 pm my time so technically it is still Monday. So I made it. I really like the colors.

Mini-Monday's painting - Hershey Kiss

Gesture of Affection

8" x 8"



Cynthia said...

I stumbled upon your blog and I just wanted to say I love your paintings. I'm a lover of art myself but I haven't drawn or painted anything in years! I still enjoy looking at art and appreciate when I see something I like. Keep up doing what you love...you're great at it!

The Perry Family said...

Just barely made it! I know it's a small painting, but I still can't believe you can finish one in a day, or night should I say. Good Job!

Leila said...

This is fun! The colors are different than I would have thought, but somehow they work really well. I should have known they would :)