Celebrate Me • Art Journaling • Week #3 My Voice

Art Journaling • Week #3 My Voice

My Voice

Q. How do I describe my voice? How would I never describe my voice as?
Q. How do others describe my voice? 
Q. Was there ever a time that I couldn't use my voice?
Q. What can or can't my voice do?

Q. What remedies have you used to soothe your voice?

A. Put your lip prints on the page and write words coming out of them.
A. Stamp one word/phrase 3 - 4 times without re-inking, so that it fades like an echo.
A. Record your voice talking on your smart phone, use watercolor to make the background, painting how you feel listening to your own voice
A. Use curved lines, starting in one corner, make wave lengths and add text on each line
A. Make left side background darker & the right side lighter, the image fades off like a soft voice

Here are a few art journal pages of others. 
They aren't about voices, per se, but can be influential in your image making.

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