Why I like It Wednesday - LOVE the internet

Well... I LOVE the INTERNET! This might seem very strange for some of you but for us that remember life pre-internet (PI) this is an amazing tool. Things I can do...

- talk and see, for hours (without if costing a fortune) real-time, my husband when he is thousands of miles away. Everyday.

- have a 5 way (missouri, arizona, nevada, utah and nigeria) instant messaging laugh fest with family members. It's crazy how easy it is to keep connected now.

- desktop design anything and send it anywhere. When I got an electric typewriter (with changeable font dials) I thought I was really a design diva.

- research and answer any question, any time. Whatever random wonder comes up I don't have to stay ignorant about it.

- virtually meeting people I would NEVER have met before. Our social circles are as big as we let them become.

- be a stay at home mom and start a successful (not quite yet, but I'll get there) art career in the middle of nowhere.

- being in magazines, being on tv, ending up with opportunities that I never glimpsed before.

Is the internet great or what? These are just some of the things I couldn't do PI-Life that now I can. That's Why I Like It. 

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Anonymous said...

90+ percent of the U.S. uses the Internet

It's becoming the first source for researching products and services among generation X & Yers.

Gen X and Y are also the two groups demanding more information about their products and services before they buy.