Free-for-All Friday Candy Hearts Painting

Since tomorrow is Valentine's day, today's Free-for-All Friday is a candy hearts painting. It is one dedicated to my blog-family. On one of the hearts will say "2 My Blog Fam". What I'd like from you is for you to send me your name (in the comments) so that I can add a heart with your name on it. Even if it's your first time to post here you can leave your name. If you happen to have any ideas for more heart conversation sayings that have to do with "blogs" send those along too. So...

Your name for my conversation candy hearts painting.


Paton said...

Hi Shannon,
Great idea. I've always liked the on "sweet on u". Have fun with it and Happy Valentine's day.


Anonymous said...


Dacia said...


Mashaide said...


Shannon said...

Leila Feldbauer to me
show details Feb 13

Do Bob & Leila :)

Daina said...


Allen said...

Hope that you are able to squeeze me in!


Daina said...

Also, maybe dumb ideas, but what if you did something like: "I heart comments". I don't know how to do the heart symbol with my keyboard, but it would be the shape of a heart, instead of the word. Also maybe "Blog Me" as a substitute for "Call Me".

The Perry Family said...

The Perry Family

I'm a follower
comments please
lets link up
bloggers forever (like BFF)
You're invited
bmivalntyn (word verification)
keep me posted
SAT. FEB. 14, 2009
you're in my archive
Add Gadget
What's you're URL?

Hansens said...
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Anonymous said...

other sayings:
"ping me"
"about us"
"virus free" (LOL)
"no spyware"