Why I like It Wednesday - HubSpot & Art

Since I am really just in the beginning of my art biz getting all the info I can on how to get my art 'out there' is important to me. The website and blog for HubSpot really has nothing to do with art but I use it all the time. It gives me a pulse on what is happening now in the business world of marketing, specifically in-bound marketing. (Don't know what that is? They have all kinds of articles to tell you about it.) It's just a great way for a non-business person like me to understand and take ideas and help my art career along.

- living rural (ie, isolated and away from resources) the internet is such a great tool and they tell me how to really utilize it
- they blog with great articles, all archived and easy to find topics I'm interested in
- tv spots
- webinars, the one I listened to, David Meerman Scott, a couple of days ago was excellent
- geeky videos but I think they're funny
- a cool grey/orange color palette, just had to throw that in

Maybe I'm a business geek under all this paint. But that's why I like it.

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