Art Talk Tuesday - Conceptual Art

(kn-spch-l)  (ärt)

The beginning was in the 1960's. Not surprisingly a reaction and challenge to the traditional definitions of art and beauty. It is art that is concerned with the idea, or concept, first and foremost with its construction not limited by any boundaries in material. It deals with more of the senses in the mind than the senses of the eye. It sets out to create mental sensation by being provocative, shocking, controversial, or extreme. This gave birth to the ideas of Installation and Performance Art.

sketchbook concept

I connect with conceptual art as far as the idea or concept goes. After that I part ways. I am a traditionalist in skill, craft, medium, and aesthetics. But the concept, the beginning of the painting, that is the creative and exciting part to me. I have ideas all the time that I put into sketchbooks. Often I have more words, questions, and thoughts than I do images. After the conceptual part come working with visual aspects.

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The Perry family said...

I agree with you. The beginning is the most exciting part, that's why, I'm sure you, as well as I, can't sleep sometimes. The conceptual ideas swirling and swirling.
Thanks for sharing.