Mini-Monday Painting - New Beginnings

The Mini-Monday painting is New Beginnings  6" x 6"  oil. I actually was really done on Monday... that is until I dropped it. My husband and I were webcaming together apart (he's in Africa) and I lifted the painting to show him. Bam! On the floor. Oh and it had to hit the drawers on the way down. Of course. So I had to fix it.

This obviously is a lousy photo so I will post another one later. (2/3/09 I replaced the photo for one in natural light) And I'll try not to touch it again until dry. Since I started so late, 10:30, I needed something a little simple. I had this little broken egg that one of my daughters brought in. Robin's egg blue is a beautiful color.

2/3/09 Posted this Mini-Monday late last night. Originally titled it "robin's egg blue" which I liked. But looking at it this morning I had different feelings. (As opposed to the feeling last night of just getting it finished.) I thought about the different direction, really a more focused direction, I am going in now with my artwork.  It seems more symbolic of me. It's a new vision about my art and this is apropos - New Beginnings.

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Leila said...

I LOVE the title! Nice work.