Free-for-All Friday Fortune Cookie Paintings

Okay, last Free-for-All Friday I said I was going to do a little fortune cookie painting. And I had a ton of things going on and I really should have picked something else, like the self-portrait paintings we did at the meeting. That would have been what I was doing and easy. Duh! But, I didn't. And I asked for your input and you came through for me. And I didn't do the painting. THAT has bugged me all week. I've thought about it all week, about why it bugged me. And I felt like I walked out in the middle of the conversation. I just walked away without a response. That happens sometimes but it shouldn't happen often. And somehow it has to be made up. I realize that these conversations are valuable to me. So....

I decided to re-enter the conversation. I went ahead and did the painting. But I did one for each of you who added a fortune. (Well, I have one left to finish after this post) This for me is a gesture that shows I appreciate my blog family because I do. 

Wade - "you soon will be blessed with unlimited opportunities"
Jared - "windows error 404, reboot cookie"
Anonymous - "your life is unfini..."
Leila - "the harder you work the luckier you get"

And Tricia - "live simply and simply live"

I did these in a little over an hour (timed myself so I didn't get crazed doing them) so they are just quick sketches but I hope you think they are fun. So, please accept my apology and I will not make a habit of that. That's today's Free-for-All.

I'll mail them in about a week.  6" x 6"   oil


The Perry Family said...

nice. i'm impressed with the speed, but not surprised.

GlassJaw said...

Thank you yet again Shannon, I am dawn to think the sentiments in your email are accurate. This means you have to become insanely famous in order that I may be the envy of the art collecting world.

- Well done

Wade said...


Anonymous said...

Simply remarkable

Leila said...

Thanks! I peaked from my phone but it wouldn't let me leave a comment. I'm excited to see it - if you don't want to mail it, I can pick it up when I visit. I want to be in the running with Jared - the envy of the art collector world ;)