Free-for-All Friday Painting Named

Okay, the Free-For-All Friday thing is supposed to be new, experimental, unexpected. And that's what it turned out to be. And hard. I didn't realize when I put this out there that is would be difficult to pick one name. (No, I am not just flattering you all.) So, I did the narrow it down thing. First I started with my three of my laugh-out-loud favorites -

Favorite pot caught in the disposal
64 cents a pound
Obama's Promises

If I had a better sense of humor I would have used one of these. Even though I had a great laugh I'm not really looking for humor in this series. So then I started with my other top ones -

"Autopspolygon - a seeing of one's self from many angles"
"Alumination"    or    "Foiled Alumination"  (A combination of two of Travis')
"Foil Me Once..."
"Moldable - Shaped By Others"   (A combination of Perry Family & Dacia)
"Crumbled Leftovers"  (A combination of Leila & Pasty)

So, then I had to narrow it down some more. So I took out the combination names. I figured that no one would mind that I combined them but that it wasn't one of the original titles. So then this is left -

"Autopspolygon - a seeing of one's self from many angles"
"Foil Me Once..."

So, that's where I have been stuck for a couple of days. I was actually going to post sooner but I couldn't pick one. And at the beginning of this post I still hadn't settled on one. (You're kinda getting the thinking out loud version now.) I think the thing that has made me narrow this group down is the added meaning to the name. So I chose -

"Autopspolygon - a seeing of one's self from many angles" 

The only real difficulty I had with this name was, "How do you say the dang thing?" So, I emailed Jared and asked him. He responded, "A TOPS POLLY GONE". Well, I get that. So THANK YOU JARED for naming my painting. And if you'd like I'll give you a print of it.

Now, I would like to thank all of the rest of you for throwing yourself out there with names. It is not always a comfortable thing and I recognize that. So, my thanks is sincere. I would also like, with your permission, to save some of these names as possibilities for the next foil paintings in the series. Even the combinations. If that is okay leave a post in the comments to let me know. I will let you know if I choose one of yours when the painting is done.

Glad to have you all participate and I hope that everyone had fun with this. It was really exciting for me and I am going to do this again in the future.


Jared Andresen said...

I would welcome a print, you have always been one of my favorite artists and a hanging display would only be fitting.


Anonymous said...

woo jared! yes mom you can save my idea. and i'm sure everyone else's too.

Dacia said...

What a cool name. It was fun to think about. You can save my idea too.

The Perry Family said...

I have to agree with you. When I saw Jared's name, I thought, gosh, everything else will just be downhill from that. I really like the meaning it gives the painting.Oh and it is nice to know how to say it too!
I'm sure Matthew will be so hurt when he finds out that you didn't choose his number one, but I'm also sure that he would love for you to keep it on the edge of your thoughts for the next painting, or 2:)
Your welcomed to keep the names...for a small price...just playing;)

Leila said...

Of course you can save the name. I loved Jared's name! I think you'd better SIGN his print too.

jennifer said...

Shannon, this is a really cool piece. I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't get here in time to give it a name. Not that I have one in mind. And besides, Mine would have been one of those funny names. (That might be giving me too much credit.) When the pressure is on its hard for me to think of cleaver things.
Anyway, Its very nice.