Free-for-All Friday Name this Painting

Today's Free-for-all-Friday  is naming a painting. Particularly this painting. It's on my easel. It is NOT done yet, but done enough for it to have a name. So far it is Foil #1. Not too interesting. This is a series. So there will be other paintings along this line. The symbolism is not strongly developed yet. The name will work into that. So, things to know when picking a name....

- it is part of a series
- the symbolism isn't strong yet so don't panic about that
- the base of each painting will be a different color
- each foil painting has a different shape foil
- this is not finished, there will be more dark/light areas 
- it is about 30" x 24"
- you can suggest more than one name
- you can pass this along for others to try naming
- how the name came to be will go with the history of the painting

I will consider all the names, pick one and post it in a day or two. If you have questions post in the comments area. Someone else might have the same question. Have fun naming this painting. 


Shannon said...

Hey Shannon,

Name: Autopspolygons

I had many thoughts, however with the name of autopspolygons I felt it best described the image of the art. It's a Greek derivative autops-poly-gon (A seeing of oneself from many angles) you won't find the word in the dictionary but you should be able to look up the individual derivatives.


[Jared emailed me with this - totally cool]

The Perry Family said...

1 archaic : to knead into a desired consistency or shape
2: to give shape to
3: to form in a mold
4: to determine or influence the quality or nature of
5: to fit the contours of

Simple. That's all I got.

Anonymous said...

huh....i am not very good with stuff like this, but i like it. "foil me once..." kinda like the fool me once shame on me fool me twice blah blah blah. or something. that's all i've got! love!

Shannon said...

i'm likin' these

Shannon said...

You KNOW I have to take a shot at this......

How about:

"Bent out of shape"
"More light when bent"
"Reflecting on trials"

or some of my real favorites:

"Praying Mantis on a stool"
"Mass of crinkled foil on a pedestal"
"My favorite pot caught in the disposal"
"Lehi's vision of the tree of foil"
"Paul Bunyon gum wrapper"
"My teen's first bumper"
"Baked potato wreck"
"Dang I hate when it doesn't rip like it's supposed to"
"Monument to a recycler"
"Hey, don't you know you can get 64 cents a pound for that stuff"

[sent to my email from Travis-still laughing my head off!]

Patsy said...

My entry is "Leftovers"

submitted by Patsy Wallace-Jones
Indian Wells, Ca.

Dacia said...

mine is: "shaped by others"

The Perry Family said...

Alright Shannon, here are Matthew's,
1. Obama's promises
2.Transformers, more than meets the eye.
3.Botched tin foil dinners

Leila said...


Tricia said...

Christmas remains...

Samantha said...

My name: Crumbled Shine

Samantha said...

silver in the night

The Skinners said...

Hey Im Chelsea's friend and thought I would throw in an idea


Anonymous said...

howdy~ i'm a friend of jared's, and thought i'd drop by for a peek - this is very nice! i almost thought it was a photograph, great detail!

how about "not microwave safe" or something to that effect? "do not microwave" or "fun to bite", because we all know that feeling of biting aluminum foil (especially with fillings!)?

lots of luck!

Leah L'orange

Shannon said...

hurts to read that last one, thanks stillspastic