Celebrating Me • Art Journaling • Week #4 My Hair

Art Journaling • Week #4 My Hair


My Hair


Q. What is my hair like?

Q. What styles have I worn and what was my favorite?

Q. What hair routine do I have?
Q. Do I have hair attitudes?
Q. What hair memories do I have of haircuts? Others?

A. Do a hair timeline
A. Use a hair dye to write or design
A. Cut out mag pics of styles you've warn
A. Cut a lock of hair, frame it, design and write around it
A. Mod Podge page, Cut strands of hair & lay on page, take tissue paper and cover entire page, mod podge over the top to seal, then write

Once again I'm leaving you with ideas from other's art journaling pages.
Image from Amber Gibb Art 
Image from ArtJournaling.ning.com

Image from Balzer Designs

Image from RGRDesign
Record something. Celebrate!

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