Think about it Thursday - Blog Comments

Think about it Thursday. Hummm. I had a conversation with one of my sisters and we started talking about my blog. She said her daughter often goes to my blog but never leaves a comment, not even when I ask for one. Now that got me thinking. 

I understand not wanting to leave comments. Sometimes it's uncomfortable to put myself out there or to 'introduce' myself online. Other times it feels like I am interrupting a conversation already in progress.  Sometimes the conversation's just not worth it or I don't want to invest in long term talking. Some moments, I don't really have anything to say. (I know some of you find that hard to believe.)  I kept thinking about this.

Then I thought about the blogging from the other end. From the 'receiver of comments' side of things. I totally enjoy and am enlightened by my blog-family (even new 'family' members.) When I throw something out there I am excited to hear what other's have to say, what other's think. And since I have a blog and especially since I ask for thoughts I am expecting people (even strangers) to talk back at me. But, the funny thing is, is that they don't stay strangers for long. 

Now, back to my never-leaves-a-comment niece. Since I actually know her I was so disappointed that she didn't, doesn't, leave comments. She is bright, articulate, funny, sweet, thoughtful. She is someone I would especially love to hear what she thinks. So, Niece of mine that never-leaves-a-comment on my blog or anyone else's. For whatever reason you don't leave comments it's okay that you don't but I would love it if sometimes you did. 

Blogging - posts and comments - is a new way of life. For me, I am enriched from my little blog-family circles and I end up getting more than I give. Is it the same for you? Think about it.


Dacia said...

I love comments!!! Since I've joined some online groups I've met lots of people I don't know and it's a lot of fun! It's great to expand my friendship circles!

Here's to more comments!!!

The Perry Family said...

Hmmm............thinking..............I thought about leaving 50 seperate comments, maybe all the same comment, just to see if you still like comments! Ha, as usual, I'm just playing.
I know what you mean about enjoying the comments, but I'm not always a commenter. Sometimes, I only have a few minutes to check up on the blogs. I open them all just to make sure I see the updates and sometimes never get back to commenting. Today I'm commenting, even if the kids are getting wild. Love ya!

Shannon said...

Hummm, guess that would test the comment tolerance level, ya funny!

GlassJaw said...

McKenna's already blogging!... That is what I call a learning curve. I understand though I rarely receive a comment and the one time I had it was rather nice.

Shawna said...

I totally agree. I love it when people leave comments. Thanks for leaving comments on my blog!