Free-for-All Friday Time to Trade

Again Free-for-all Friday was a new, experimental, out of the ordinary experience. And I never know what to expect from the blog family. As for the offers... 

Allen's offer: the funny husband, you know I don't want the chickens we have let alone my own personal ones. No trade.

Dacia's offer: well it really wasn't an offer. If you would have offered an apron (one to match my studio) like The Perry Family suggested I might have jumped at it! No trade.

The Perry Family's offer: I often do the same thing - offer someone else to do something. Keeps me out of trouble. And you 'got nothing' to trade? Hardly. But, does that mean I can expect something from you when I pick you up at the airport? No trade.

Cranky Old Dood's offer: This was really intriguing to me. I REALLY wanted to do something with this. Maybe do a podcast interview for my website/blog? But, I didn't know if I could, how it would work, if it would work. Too many un-offered variables otherwise this would have been my first choice. I was disappointed. No trade.

GlassJaw's offer: Very fine offer. Who knew you were so talented. But, alas, too fragile for my house of less than careful children. Thanks for the pics to help me know your great work would have been destroyed here. No trade.

Jessie's offer: You already have to do those things for me for free. Whaaa haa haa! No trade.

Jonika's offer: I was tempted by the slug bugs. You knew I would be from my earlier blog. But I didn't know what kind. No trade.

Leila's offer: You silly lawyer, you should have used the leverage before you agreed to go. No trade.

Anonymous: I really want one of those cans. I am thinking of another way to work a deal. No trade. Today.

Kiran's offer: So Kiran, that leaves you and me. So uncross your fingers and let's trade! You didn't send a picture but I did see the others on the website and I liked them all so I figured I was safe. I love both green and silver (as attested to by my studio decor) so either one. If I were a real wheeler dealer I'd work both of them out of you. Send me your address in an email (shannon@shannonsportfolio.com) and I'll send off the painting this coming week. I hope you will like it.

Thanks blog-family for all the offers. I will definitely do this again sometime. And who knows maybe there is someone else here that you'd like to trade with. (Ask the husband for some of his chickens. Pleeeeze.)


The Perry Family said...

This was good fun, even though I didn't offer anything. I'll be thinking of a good trade for the next time.

Allen said...

Well aren't you the clever blogger. I will still let you have the chickens just because you are so fun!

Shannon said...