Free-for-All Friday - Dream Makers

I want to encourage the dream makers that posted yesterday. Good for you. For Free-for-All Friday I'd like to send a little copy of the painting I did on Monday - Dreams - as a reminder of the dreams that you've shared, or are still working on getting. I've printed it on canvas from my computer. (It won't be especially light-fast so take care to not place it in direct sunlight.) If you get a chance send me a pic of you with the canvas, that would be nice but not necessary, so that I can post a couple of them here. Here is to you dream makers for believing that the possible might be had from the impossible.

email me your address


Mashaide said...

Oh I'm so excited! Thank you!

Leila said...

You have my email address - I'd like a copy :)

terri said...

yea! I'm always into more artwork. However, you don't have to mail it 'cuz i'll be home .soon