Why I like It Wednesday - Books on CD

OK, so I am thinking, "What happened to Tuesday?!!" My computer is saying that it's Wednesday. I don't think I had a Tuesday. Well, any way I look at it, it is Wednesday, so.........

I am loving books on CD. Since I paint just a bit it is so nice to be able to listen to some of the books that I would like to read. And when I have zoned out a little I can back it up and listen to what I've missed. Then after some time has passed I can listen to it again. Love it, books on CD. 

That's why I like it.

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Hansens said...

I listened to Screwtape Letters, The Hunger Games and Outliers all on my computer. I know what you mean. I'll bring my laundry in my office, play on the floor with the baby and just listen. It almost made me want more laundry to fold so I could listen just a little longer.