Why I Like It Wednesday - ArtBizCoach.com

I was thinking about what I was going to post for I Like It Wednesday yesterday and hadn't come up with anything I was really excited about. Then at 12:30 am I thought to myself, "Self, if you are up at 12:30 am looking at this website then you really like it. Post it." 
So, my post is about ALYSON B. STANFIELD'S ARTBIZCOACH.COM. This is a site that caters to artists working on art marketing skills. Before you stop reading (because you're not an artist) hear me out. I often go to sites that have nothing to do with 'art' and find all kinds of relevant information for my art life. So, you might be selling plants or selling yourself in the PTA but when you find good, solid information, like on Alyson's website, then you can find something that applies to whatever you're doing. 
Here are some things to get an idea of what she does...

1. She sends a regular newsletter to subscribers - I don't have to remember myself to regularly check for new things, I just click if I find something interesting. Which is more often than not.

2. She makes it easy. Easy. I am all for taking extra steps out of my life. 

3. She always has new things. Speakers, articles, ideas.

4. She has some things that are free. Of course she's in it to make money but she is generous as well. There's a nice balance. 

5. She has valuable products. I have purchased some audio and her book. All have been excellent. 

6. She's personable. Even online. Life's too short to work with cranky people.

Check it out. See if there is anything there for you but.... That's why I like it.

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