Free-for-All Friday Painting of the First Person

Today for Free-for-all Friday I will do a black and white 8" x  8" (approximately) painting of the first person to send me a photo of themself. It has to be of you. Please save me some hair-pulling by sending a decent resolution photo of decent size. It doesn't have to be black and white, a color photo is fine. 

I'll post the photo and the painting sometime Friday. (I make no promises of when.) And mail it to the person in a week or so, when it's dry. I'll only take about 2-3 hours doing it so don't expect world peace from this. Just something new, experimental, unexpected, and out of the ordinary - just like free-for-all Fridays.

Send it to shannon@shannonsportfolio[dot]com


Leila said...

Man!!! By the time I saw this, I was at work, where I have NO pictures of me. I'm working on finding a way to send one to you quickly though - this is so cool!

Paton said...

Just saw this post. sent off a picture. Love the self portrait btw.