Art Talk Tuesday - Drawing

Okay, it's 11:51 pm - still Tuesday - it counts.

                                                                                                  my sketchbook


Here is a quote that sums up how I feel about drawing -

"Drawing is the supreme way of blotting out your ignorance of a subject... establishing wisdom in its place.... Drawing is learning. It is discipline, a measuring stick with which to see if there is honesty in you. It's a confessional; it will reveal everything about you while you imagine you are revealing someone else [in portraiture]. Drawing is the poet's written line, set down to see if there be a story worth telling, a truth worth revealing."

Irving Stone The Agony and the Ecstasy: A biographical Novel of Michelangelo pg 78

Drawing THE basic in art.


Shannon said...

received from terri...

i love your care in drawing hands and feet

Paton said...

Great feet. I love your crosshatching. Another job well done.