PIP - Lawyer Leila

Painting In Progress = PIP          75% done      oil       grisaille underpainting    30"  x 24"
she's a lawyer - depicts her as a contemporary Lady Justice
spheres symbolize justice and mercy 
spheres above her hands represent the elusive nature of the task of balancing justice and mercy
stone represents the foundation of law that creates order
the opening (outline of the porsche emblem) symbolizes her husband (a gonna be porsche owner) 
he stands as a support behind her
roman numerals are the year she passed the bar
8 medallions represents the 8 children in her family

should be done in a week or so, depending on if I paint on it of some other project, which I have a ton


Dacia said...

Awesome painting!

The Perry Family said...

Sweet! I love when there's so much symbolism.

Mashaide said...

Wow, I like how each part of the painting has a meaning. Now that's creative!