Free-for-All Friday

Free-for-All   definition ~ situation open to anyone or everyone, usually without rules, that is disordered, impulsive or out of control

That is definitely not how I run my life. Well, most of the time. That's why this will be good for me. On Free-for-All Fridays I will do whatever whim comes to mind. This day will be experimental or out of the ordinary. I will try different styles and collaborative methods. I already have several ideas that I am excited to try. 

Today's free-for-all is a gift for my pregnant sister. (She never checks my blog.)  She is due in the coming weeks. So this is a painting of my new niece's name. It was fun to do. And I also used more paint and didn't worry too much about it being 'perfect'. 

Next week's Free-for-All Friday will be a collaborative painting. This is the idea: on FRIDAY DEC 26 @ 9 AM LEAVE ME ONE WORD - EITHER AN IDEA OR OBJECT - ONE WORD @ 9 AM (central time zone) IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. I'll LEAVE IT OPEN FOR 30 MINUTES. I WILL TAKE YOUR OBJECT OR WORD (ex: impulsive, love, giddy, box, string, tulip, etc) AND PUT IT INTO A PAINTING I DO THAT FRIDAY. LEAVE YOUR FIRST NAME. WE'LL SEE WHAT HAPPENS & I WILL POST THE PAINTING AT THE END OF THE DAY. (OR AS FAR AS I GOT) There will probably only be 3 of us that leave a word of an object or idea but that will be okay. I'll use those 3. I am excited to see what happens. This will definitely be out of my control and impulsive. And fun.


The Perry family said...

Unorganized or not, it still turned out. I like the font and colors.

Leila said...

This is totally fun - I like it. And Sara will love it!

Christensen's said...

i love the colers that you did.