Art Talk Tuesday - Grisaille

Basic Training Tuesday will be a day where I add just a little art talk. I'll add vocabulary, news, or something interesting as it applies to some basic art principles. 

[gri-zahy, -zeyl; Fr. gree-zah-yuh ]

1. monochromatic painting in shades of gray.
2. a work of art, as a painting or stained-glass window, executed in grisaille.
Origin: 1840–50;

After the grisaille underpainting is completed a layer of color is then applied over the top leaving some of the underpainting to show through. I liked this as it was. I've left a few paintings in the grisaille stage because i've liked them so much. 


The Perry Family said...

Love the painting! Is this one an older one, I think I might have seen it before we moved. But who knows, maybe not. It's beautiful regardless. Oh, and thanks for the art lingo. As long as I keep up with the Tuesday vocab/info, I might venture to carry on a conversation with an artist.

Shannon said...

Older painting, done when I was a student (2004). Yeah, you probably saw it, we had it up at the other house.

Samantha said...

it looks like a black and white picture taken by a camera